Training Courses

The Construction Management Development Program courses are designed to enhance the technical and management skills of small and disadvantaged contractors/consultants. This FREE 4-day course is your path to working with FDOT.

Training Course Content

FDOT Opportunities

• Navigating Construction Projects

• Register in My Florida Market Place

• FDOT Project Letting Information

• Business Development Initiative (BDI)

Marketing Your Business

• Marketing for Your Business

• Developing a Marketing Plan

• Websites Essentials

• The Capability Statement 

Navigating FDOT

• FDOT Districts

• FDOT District Letting Information

• Bid Express

• Joint Ventures

Your Contracting Business

• Basic Accounting Methods

• Balance Sheets

• Job Costing

• Adding Overhead & Profit Markups 

Developing Estimate Costs

• Labor Costing

• Equipment Costing

• Overhead Costing 

• and More

Developing Your Bid

• Estimating vs Bidding

• The Bidding Procedure

• Project Overhead

• Cost Recovery 

FDOT Contracts and Compliance

• The Davis-Bacon/Copeland Act

• Employees covered by Labor Acts

• Certified Payroll Information

• Navigating the Payroll Form WH347 

Your Business Plan

• Your Customized Business Plan

• Composing a Business Plan

• Business Plan Checklist

• Reviewing a Sample Business Plan

Sureties and Bonding

• What are Bonding and Sureties?

• Types of Bonds

• Bonding Requirements

• The Bond Guarantee Program 

Basic FDOT Estimating Practices

• FDOT Road Plan Sets

• Plan views

• Stations

• Length, Surface & Volume Take-offs 

Upon Successful Completion

All participants who successfully complete the Construction Management Development Program will receive a Certificate of Proficiency.

DBEs who successfully complete the program are eligible to participate in the Bond Guarantee Program.