Program Eligibility

The Construction Management Development Program is open to Small Businesses and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.  The program uses the Florida Department of Transportation's definition of a small business. The Department limits the size standard to $15.0 million for construction and maintenance firms and $6.5 million for professional services firms. A business determines their size by averaging their annual gross receipts over the last three years. If their average gross receipts are under the size standard for their type of work, the business will be considered a small business.

To be eligible for the Bond Guarantee Program, a business must be certified as a DBE and must have been awarded a Certificate of Proficiency from the Construction Management Development Program. The business must also have documented knowledge of the principles of construction bonding.

To become DBE certified, a business:

  1. Must be an existing "for-profit" business that is currently operational;
  2. Must meet the federal definition of a small business concern;
  3. Must be an independent business which does not depend on its relationships with another firm or firms. If it is a subsidiary of a corporation, the business must still operate in a self-sufficient manner; 
  4. The qualifying owner(s) must meet the federal definition of "socially and economically disadvantaged" individuals; 
  5. The qualifying owner(s) must own a minimum of 51% of the company; and have an investment in their company; 
  6. The qualifying owner(s) cannot have a net worth that exceeds $1.32 million (excluding the owner's business and primary residence); 
  7. The qualifying owner(s) must have day-to-day control of operations and possess an expertise in their work specialty.

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